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Thank you for choosing Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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"Great care and explained everything completely. Great experience!" – Gary D.

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"I was blessed to have the same doctor take care of my aging joints and bones. In 2014 I had my right knee worked on by Dr. Kunapuli and earlier this year my left hip replaced. Dr. Kunapuli in both cases had me up and walking in no time. One of the most important things for me was being out of pain and able to get back to my job and all of my activities. Dr. Kunapuli is an outstanding surgeon and his nurses and staff are wonderful!" – Traci B.

"Dr. Kunapuli took the best care of me. He has an excellent bedside manner and was very nice to me. Something that I had been suffering with for years, he took the time to figure out what was the problem. I was so happy he found out what my problem was. After years of seeing so many doctors. I recommend EOOC to anyone that needs a good doctor! God bless you all at EOOC." – Ann D.

"Excellent! Recheck on a surgery of my neck and I get nothing but good results at this place!" – Teresa S.

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"My experience was great! I fractured my foot and then I was put in a cast for three weeks and a walking boot for three weeks. Everyone from Dr. Emel to the receptionist, to the X-ray tech, the nurse, the brace shop nurse, and the physical therapist were all SO nice and helpful! It was a stressful and disappointing situation being in a cast, and they all made me feel very comfortable. Probably the best experience I've had at a doctor's office." – Emily R.

"I would highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli if you are in need of knee replacement. He is very kind and knows his stuff! I had been trying to get my knee worked on for about 2 years but because of my weight my previous doctor did not want to do the surgery. I was using a walker and was probably not far off from being in a wheelchair. I'm also 47 years old. I went to see Dr. Kunapuli for a second opinion and he was hesitant to do the surgery but saw that I had no choice and that my quality of life was greatly diminished. I couldn't say more wonderful things about him or his staff or the hospital staff. They were all very professional and I appreciate all their hard work to make an uncomfortable surgery as tolerable as possible." – Theresa T. 

"I spent 15 years in leg pain, mostly my knees. Then I came to EOOC for a separated shoulder where I met Dr. Rahhal. He thought I was there for my knees because he recognized immediately they were shot. Dr. Rahhal fixed my shoulder and after recovery, sent me to Dr. Kunapuli , in another side of the office. I was automatically at ease with Dr. Kunapuli. He assured me he could fix my knees. I put my trust in Dr. Kunapuli and God to guide him. I had both knees replaced in less than 3 months and I could not be happier. Dr. Kunapuli fixed my knees, straightened my bowed legs, and took away my pain. I can finally walk like a normal person and be active again. Dr. Kunapuli basically gave me back my life and I am so grateful. I told Dr. Kunapuli he is my hero but, he protested that title, he is humble. This practice has nothing but the best doctors in our part of the country.  If you need surgery these are the doctors you want to trust with your body. Thank you Dr. Rahhal and Dr. Kunapuli. " – Patricia S.

"I had a left total knee placement on March 29th of this year. Dr. Kunapuli performed the surgery which was a success. He is a very caring and thorough doctor. He sits down and listens to you about your concerns and answers your questions. I went to him in Nov. for an initial appt. and knew then,I wanted him to do the surgery. EOOC is a very organized facility that takes care of their patients professionally. I will continue to recommend Dr. Kunapuli and EOOC as I already  have. Thank you all for the wonderful care I received from your facility." – Sallye E. 

"Without going into a long oration about my laminotomy and some unexpected  problems, we were glad that my surgeon and caretaker was Dr T Boone. Being  such a busy doctor, we always felt that our questions were answered and that he was available at anytime in case we needed his attention which turned out to be true. We had to  contacted Dr. Boone on a Sunday night and was told to be at the operating hospital Monday morning for a 7:00 am  operation. Normally he has clinic on Monday but his concern for his patient came first. After dismissal, we were in need to contact his office for advice which was handled immediately  by his nurse Julia. We feel that under all the circumstances that we were in the right place with the right doctor. We would recommend his office to anyone if they so inquire." – Jim H. 

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"Never thought of saying that I enjoyed a doctor's visit; however, the open waiting area and the friendly staff made it nice. Dr. Browne and PA Stephens ability to actually speak in terms where I understood everything they were telling me gave me complete confidence in their vested interest of my treatment. In addition; I am sure that many other patients will agree, everything I've already mentioned is tied with a bow when your doctor has a conversation "with you" instead of "at you" and provides an atmosphere where you are not being rushed "in and out"... And that is why I am able to honestly say I've enjoyed my visits!" – Doree T.