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T. Jeffrey Emel, M.D.

Primary Care Sports Medicine

“I enjoy improving my patients' quality of life and helping them return to their chosen activities.“

Dr. Emel has been with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center since 1982. After receiving his medical degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, he went on to complete a family medicine residency at The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa School of Community Medicine.

Dr. Emel serves as team physician for The University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, Northeastern State University, the Tulsa Drillers professional baseball team, Booker T. Washington High School, Broken Arrow High School, and many other area colleges and leagues. When not seeing patients or teaching, Dr. Emel enjoys fishing and traveling.

Dr. Emel is certified by the American Board of Family Practice, with a Certificate of Added Qualifications, Sports Medicine.


  • American Medical Society of Sports Medicine
  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • Tulsa Academy of Family Practice

"I have a long history with EOOC, and couldn't be happier with my treatment there!  Many years ago, Dr. Lewis did bunion surgery on my right foot. For several years now, Dr. Emel has helped me through arthritis pain in several areas of my body. He also arranged for Dr. Mauerman to do surgery on my right knee. Most recently, Dr. Emel saw me through a broken foot. I will soon be 80, and I'm convinced that I couldn't be the active person I am today without the excellent help and treatment I have received from your doctors. Thank you!" -- Mildred G.

"I had knee and ligament pain. Another orthopedic surgeon had advised me that I had a torn meniscus, which needed surgery to correct. After reviewing the MRI, I decided to get a second opinion at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. Dr Emel examined me, and administered a cortisone shot in the affected knee 9 months ago. He gave me some physical therapy exercises and some steroid compound to rub on the knee. I have been fine ever since without pain. Thank you Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and Dr. Emel!" -- Dominic O.

"As with many things as we get older, I continued to hope that my inherited osteoarthritis in my knees would not slow down my active lifestyle. When the pain became severe and my lifestyle was impaired, I went to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. I knew that their approach would be to do the least invasive procedures to postpone the inevitable necessity of a total knee replacement. Dr. Mauerman, who had been aware of my condition, referred me to Dr. Emel for different types of injections to alleviate pain and increase the lubricity in my knees. This path worked for several years. Finally, the condition in my right knee had reached a point where a total knee replacement was the remaining logical treatment. Diagnosing my condition and understanding my active lifestyle at 63 years of age, Dr. Plaster recommended and installed a total knee replacement, which has proven right for me. The surgery was performed at the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was in the hospital for two nights. The accommodations and staff were very professional and assisted me in every way. The operation has left me with a knee replacement, which has alleviated all of the pain, which I was experiencing before the surgery. What I happily discovered was that the doctors at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, their staff, and the staff at the hospital anticipated my questions and concerns making it possible for me to be treated with the sufficient knowledge and confidence to proceed with the most serious medical treatment I have ever faced. With this successful treatment and surgery, I have many things to look forward to, which I feared would never be available to me again." -- Erin C.

"My family has been patients at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center since the late 1980’s. My first doctor, and actually my last doctor, to see at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is Dr. Emel.  A fine man and doctor to my sons (soccer, bicycle accidents) and to me.  Dr. Mauerman operated on my middle son's elbow after a soccer accident. He was great!  This son ended up doing an internship through Holland Hall with Dr. Rahhal. I will never forget the discussion over dinner about the hip replacement he was lucky enough to watch! Dr. Bischoff is a great hand surgeon and did a surgery on each of my thumbs. Dr. Rahhal is GREAT! He did surgery on my shoulder and is currently looking after "older" knees. My experience has been wonderful with all of the doctors we have seen over the years! We would never have made it through the teenage years with three sons without Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center!" -- Patricia R.

"I saw Dr. Emel in 2012 for back pain.  I had worked with a different orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist previously, but continued to have recurring back pain and a lack luster response from this other practice. I got a referral from a friend to try out Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and specifically Dr. Emel. I went in and reviewed my MRI's with Dr. Emel.  He was able to identify that my hips had not been addressed in previous treatments and sent me to work with Stephen Mace, DPT in physical therapy. To use Dr. Emel's phrase, "Let's see if Stephen can work his magic on you."   Stephen did just that and did an excellent job!  Within two months, I could feel things were improving and by the end of treatment, I was pain free. Thanks to Dr. Emel and Stephen, I was able to take up running again.  I can’t say enough for these two guys!  Wish I had started at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center first.  I feel like Stephen and Dr. Emel actually listened to what I said and were able to figure out the root cause of my issue instead of treating a symptom. Cannot thank these two enough!" -- Chris L.